Neuroscience and Neuromarketing

Informed decisions often differ from instinctual reactions. What truly influences your customers’ buying and spending habits?
We can help you find out.

At times, marketing strategies that have been hammered out over a long period of time bear no fruit. Have you ever wondered why? The key point is to understand your customers, whether they are businesses (B2B) or consumers (B2C). Only by analyzing the decision-making processes of your potential target with the help of neuroscience and behavioral tests will you be able to reach your objectives both efficiently and effectively. At Sgaravato, we have a lab in which we conduct behavioral tests and other experiments so that we are able to provide neuromarketing advisory services.

Neurocognitive testing and analysis

How do I create a successful ad campaign? What are the keys to increasing sales? Does our site have a successful user interface? There’s only one way to know in advance: through behavioral testing in the field, in the lab or online; through questionnaires of various kinds; and through market research based on the behavioral sciences. Only the cognitive sciences can give us an idea of the role emotion plays in decision-making processes, both within your organization and those of your business or consumer customers. Through applied neuroscience, we are able to know with scientific certainty what the outcome will be. Take our advice: the results will amaze you.

  • Analysis of the decision-making processes of the objective and / or potential target
  • Cognitive-behavioral analysis to support marketing and communication activities
  • Behavioral tests online or in the lab
  • Test on logos, naming, adv, video, packaging, new products or services
  • Usability test for websites and web applications
  • Behavioral field experiments
  • Market research with a behavioral approach
  • Behavioral economics


You may be wondering what neuroscience is or how neuromarketing works. In essence, neuromarketing is the application of neuroscientific knowledge and practices to marketing in order to create a successful marketing strategy by analyzing the irrational processes that influence the buying decision. Neuromarketing is useful when we want to develop brand awareness, understand how to enhance persuasion in sales, motivate employees, write persuasive copy, create effective advertising, and much more. Tell us about your needs, and we’ll find the most effective way to meet them.

  • Neuromarketing consultancy
  • Development and implementation of marketing strategies based on neuroscientific and behavioral knowledge
  • Branding awareness development
  • Corporate image development
  • Creation of innovative and effective communication tools
  • Neuro web design for the development of effective websites
  • Neuromarketing training