Sgaravato Verona:
strong foundations for effective communication.

Listening, Analysis, Photography — three elements that have marked our evolution and become a part of our DNA. We come from the world of photography as storytelling, a form of storytelling based on moments of daily life as well as on precision and attention to detail. Observing and knowing just the right moment to capture is closely tied to the concept of listening, of the ability to focus on the essence of a given context. Like photography, the work we do now is all about analysis — pondering every detail and every opportunity that the context has to offer.

We design your marketing and communication
so that you can focus on your business.

How do you make a marketing plan that achieves the results you need? How can you establish an effective digital strategy? How do you optimize your budget and resources? These questions and many more can be overwhelming for all but the most skilled experts. At Sgaravato, we give you tailored, professional consulting and support together with the peace of mind of having a reliable partner at your side for all your marketing and communication needs, including marketing-strategy planning and implementation, market research and analysis, market-positioning techniques, and a whole range of other services, from the more traditional to the most innovative.

In this way, you, your business and your entire organization have all the time you need to dedicate to the aspects of operations most important to you. We work alongside you, giving you our human resources and professional skills so that you can focus on the business at hand with the confidence that we will tell your story and promote that business in the most effective manner possible.

How do we do it?


built over 35 years of passion and dedication to this mission


the result of constant analysis and a neuroscientific approach


looking to the future to anticipate change, trends and evolving needs